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Green Coworking

These are worrisome times. Our natural resources are getting depleted by the second as we rampage on in our drive for growth. Industrial cities and jungles occupy what were once the green heartlands. In the process, we have developed amazing technologies and solutions only to employ them in the most mundane manner for single serve packages.

There have always existed products and alternatives that are less harmful to our planet, are more green; yet they rarely find acceptance on a large scale. There have always existed individuals promoting a sustainable vision, again with few takers.


Share Studio is a concerted effort to bring together various people and programs working to make our world a better and greener place. Share Studio is a conscious effort to inculcate in young businesses a sense of sustainable growth. Share Studio is a passionate effort to prove that running a business and being eco-friendly can go hand in hand.

We are Share Studio, India’s first green cowork space, a tag we do not give ourselves lightly. Our green initiatives include

Furnitures of waste

All our workstations, tables, conference stations, and other furnitures have been made completely from upcycled pine wood that were once used to transport materials as wooden pallets. Furthermore, thanks to our amazing partners at Ubyld, for every single piece of furniture at our green space, 10 saplings have been planted with love.

Walls of Change

Wherever we couldn’t use upcycled pine wood, we turned to garbage! More accurately, we turned to recycled waste to create a wall of papers, garbage bags, tetra paks, and more, all with the help of amazing partner, SAAHAS Zero Waste.

Energy Efficiency

We’ve made sure you always have optimal light the only way we know – deploying blinds made of bamboo during the day, and using highly energy efficient light emitting diodes at night.

Natural climate control

In our pursuit to make our carbon footprint as small as possible, we’ve made a conscious choice to stay away from air conditioners, turning instead to mother nature, installing several plants in and around our space, thereby creating a natural climate control system. Still, in the unlikely event you fear you will break a sweat, please feel free to turn on our energy efficient fans.

Notes of old

We know every entrepreneur loves scribbling on sticky notes and random bits of paper. We also know these notepads serve very little actual purpose and almost inevitably get thrown out or crumpled up as soon as the purpose is served, not to mention how wasteful they are. Our response: the work slate. Made from upcycled pine wood, this multi functional slate is a mini blackboard you can use however you please. Make a note of that important number, write a reminder for that meeting, or just put up a cheerful message to make your day.

Roots of passion

In our continual drive to challenge how eco-friendly products are viewed and used, all our pens are made from recycled paper and designed to be biodegradable in its entirety save the refill itself. Furthermore, each pen has been embedded with the seed of the agastya plant, that’s waiting to be planted once you’re done with the pen. Just plant, water, and watch the roots of the plant emerge from the pot. Sourced from our partner, Pure Living, these pens are absolutely amazing examples of sustainable development.


Right from the napkins in our washrooms, the papers we use to print (if unavoidable), all the way to the business cards we use, all our paper is recycled.

The future


We may not have it all figured out yet, but we are sure to get there.


Working towards integrated waste management systems so as to be a zero waste center with the help of the folks over at SAAHAS.
Integrated compost services to tackle biodegradable wet waste generated in our space.